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Criminal Law – Sofia Apostolou – Nikos Gerokonstantis

Criminal Law

We have a very successfull long lasting experience in criminal law, covering the entire spectrum of criminal law offences.

Our services include representation during investigations, drafting defense memoranda, appearing in court, representing political parties, and providing support to individuals and legal entities in their professional lives to ensure lawful conduct and avoid illegal actions, as stipulated in both the Penal Code and specific criminal laws.

Key areas of our legal support for clients include:

  • Criminal issues related to public contracts, infidelity, and fraud.
  • Criminal liability in the context of banking guarantees and restructurings.
  • Tax Criminal Law.
  • Money laundering.
  • Environmental Criminal Law.
  • Competition Criminal Law.
  • Cases involving crimes against property, assets, and related offenses (such as embezzlement, fraud, infidelity, and forgery).
  • Civil and criminal liability for individuals and media.
  • Criminal liability of public and municipal officials and employees.
  • Military Criminal Law.
  • Personal data and criminal protection.
  • Negligence cases (accidents in technical works and facilities, workplace accidents, arson, etc.).
    Civil and criminal liability resulting from car accidents.
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