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Civil Law – Sofia Apostolou – Nikos Gerokonstantis

Civil Law

Our firm provides comprehensive and effective legal representation in all areas of civil law.

We handle cases such as:

Family Law (Divorces, Child Support, Child Custody, Visitation Rights, Adoptions, Child Recognitions, Cohabitation Agreements)

Inheritance Law (Successions, Inheritance Acceptances, Settlements of Inheritance Claims)

Real Estate (Civil and Commercial Leases, Buying and Selling of Properties, Legal Compliance Checks for Properties, Transfers, Zoning Violations, Representation in Tenancy Disputes, Co-owner Disputes)

Traffic Accidents

Debt Settlement

Our legal team has extensive experience in all matters related to Enforcement Law, having dealt with cases on behalf of both creditors and debtors during the execution process. We handle Payment Orders, Seizures of Mobile and Immovable Assets, Third-Party Seizures, Oppositions/Stay of Payment Orders, Oppositions/Stay of Auctions, etc.

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