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Banking Law – Sofia Apostolou – Nikos Gerokonstantis

Banking Law

We are highly specialized and experienced in banking law, which sufficiently assures optimum out-of-court and in-court representation for our clients in cases of loan agreements and settlement of debts to credit institutions, contracts for credit guarantees, reciprocal accounts.

We generally cover the entire spectrum of banking services and activities, providing legal guidance and judicial representation for the aforementioned matters before the competent authorities.

Transactions with banks are daily, and the risks from contractual obligations are significant. Each bank client needs the advisory service of a lawyer regarding the obligations they will undertake or have already undertaken with the bank.

Our law firm handles cases related to the following banking matters:

  • Consumer or business loans.
  • Advice on drafting or interpreting contracts and obligations.
  • Bank deposits and bank accounts.
  • Factoring – assignment of claims.
  • Leasing – financial leasing.
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