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Areas of activity – Sofia Apostolou – Nikos Gerokonstantis

Areas of activity

Our law firm constitutes a reliable space where legal expertise meets the complex reality of the law.

Undertaking cases in various fields, our firm is distinguished for its ability to provide comprehensive legal solutions to clients with diverse legal needs.

Civil Law

Our firm provides complete and efficient representation in all areas of civil law, namely law of obligations, property law, succession law, family law

Administrative Law

We have an extensive experience and expertise in administrative law matters, especially concerning public procurement.

Labor/Insurance Law

We provide our services in labour law and social security law cases, both as counsellors and in court.

Commercial Law

Our firm offers legal services covering a wide range of corporate law matters, such as the establishment of individual and capital companies, as well as the dtafting of any amending document concerning the operation, dissolution and liquidation of companies.

Banking Law

We are highly specialized and experienced in banking law, which sufficiently assures optimum out-of-court and in-court representation for our clients in cases of loan agreements and settlement of debts to credit institutions.

Criminal Law

We have a very successfull long lasting experience in criminal law, covering the entire spectrum of criminal law offences.

Business Consulting

Our firm provides full counselling and in-court services in all legal matters pertaining to business operation, including tax and labour issues.

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